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We're thrilled to be receiving great reviews about Journal Club for iPhone and Android. We've also received some questions and wanted to share the answers here for others with similar thoughts. Have a question not answered here? Shoot us an email over at

What is Journal Club?

Journal Club is an app for iPhone and Android that puts landmark clinical trials at your fingertips. Backed by Wiki Journal Club, it organizes summaries of clinical trials so that you can have quick access to the clinical literature. Need a quick refresher on the results of the SOLVD trial? A better understanding of the ACCORD trial and T2DM management? Or maybe a run-through of how CORTICUS changed the role of corticosteroids in septic shock? Journal Club has it all.

What Journal Club is not however, is a replacement for clinical judgement and expert medical decision-making. We strive to be accurate and error-free, but realistically this is impossible. Use of Journal Club implies your acceptance of the terms of service.

Who writes these summaries?

The summaries provided by Journal Club are written by health professionals and edited by the physicians at Wiki Journal Club. These doctors are passionate about medical education and teaching learners to master the clinical literature.

I'm worried about the "wiki" aspect of this -- can any person edit these summaries?

The term "wiki" is used in Wiki Journal Club because the underlying software that runs the website is the same that runs Wikipedia, the world's most famous wiki. While anyone can edit Wikipedia, Wiki Journal Club enforces many rules about who can create and edit journal article summaries. The vast majority of summaries are written from scratch by physicians, with some contributions from medical students. All contributions are evaluated, reviewed, and fully vetted by a physician editor before they go live on the website or on the Journal Club app. With the caveat that no product can possibly be 100% error-free, you should rest assured that the content on Wiki Journal Club and Journal Club is thoroughly reviewed by physicians before it lands at your fingertips.

Are updates really free?

Yes. For life. Really. It happens in the background the entire time!

How do I spread the word?

First of all, thanks for your interest in telling others about the app. There are several ways you can spread the word, but the easiest way is to send folks to