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Wiki Journal Club (WJC) is a collaborative website providing concise summaries of landmark clinical trials. All of our content is freely accessible. Browse the offerings, but consider contributing as well. The more you contribute, the more successful the website will be. So sign up and start your first article!

Who's responsible for Wiki Journal Club?

Wiki Journal Club was created during internal medicine residency at Stanford and Georgetown and has grown to a collaborative project incorporating editors from around the world.

Why'd you start this?

Tim and Dave were classmates at the University of Vermont (UVM) College of Medicine and developed coursework reviews shared with the rest of the class on the school-hosted, student-accessible, closed-platform wiki. This work was an invaluable experience. Classmates loved the content and helped expand and refine it. Not too long after, Dave and Manny met in residency at Stanford and were thinking about writing a primer on the medical literature. While Tim was in residency at Georgetown, he and Dave reminisced about the UVM course wiki and got on to discussing a broader approach that could help people worldwide. WJC was officially founded on September 17, 2011.

Who are you?


Associate Editors


Emergency Medicine


General Internal Medicine






Pulmonology/Critical Care

Deputy Editors

General Surgery

Pulmonology/Critical Care


Article contributors

1. Stanford University Hospital
2. Johns Hopkins University
3. Georgetown University Hospital
4. Wake Forest School of Medicine
5. Phoenix VA Medical Center
6. Ohio State College of Medicine
7. National Institutes of Health
8. Tulane University
9. University of Toronto
10. University of British Columbia
11. Wilkes University
12. St. Luke's University Hospital
13. The Nebraska Medical Center
14. Baylor College of Medicine
15. Burnaby Hospital
16. Wake Forest University School of Medicine
17. University of Arizona Medical Center
18. University of Rhode Island
19. University of Missouri-Kansas City
20. NYU School of Medicine
21. Mercy Hospital St Louis
22. Saint Louis University
23. University of Ottawa
24. Massachusetts General Hospital
25. McMaster University
26. Emory University
27. Fraser Health Authority
28. The University of Queensland, Australia
29. University of Saskatchewan
30. University of Maryland
31. University of Calgary
32. MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
33. University of Cincinnati
34. Texas A&M University

How do you pick seminal articles?

We base it on review articles, expert opinion, and our own experience throughout medicine residency and subsequent fellowships.

Can I become a contributor?

Anyone can become a contributor! Just make an account and add some content.

Can I become an editor?

We have deputy and associate editor positions available. Read more on our Editors page.

How do you afford this?

The cost of running the wiki is offset by sales of Journal Club for iPhone/Android. We don't make much money, but it's worth it in the end to provide free information to the world.

How do I contact you?

Can I get Journal Club on my phone?

Yes! Go snag a copy of Journal Club for your mobile device at


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