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The collaboration of the week is an article selected weekly by the Wiki Journal Club community. The goal is to highlight an article that the broader community can collaboratively edit in true journal club style. Articles selected for collaboration of the week should be relatively complete, preferably in at least a reviewable state, so that the focus can be aimed at fleshing out the major points and criticisms of the article summary.

The current collaboration of the week is AASK. Happy editing!


Who selects the collaboration of the week?
Anyone can select it by updating the collaboration of the week page. Usually an article is selected from the high-priority articles page.
When are new articles selected?
New articles are selected every week or so.
What should I contribute to a collaboration of the week?
You can contribute in any way you see fit! For example, add or expound on criticisms of an article, expand its major points, or find ways to better present the study's results.
I have a question not answered here!
That's not a question! But you can certainly ask one over at the discussion page.