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Writing your first article for Wiki Journal Club is exciting, because 1) you're improving access to medical knowledge and 2) you're solidifying your knowledge of the clinical literature.

The process is straightforward, especially if you've ever contributed to Wikipedia. For those who are new to the wiki way, rest assured that you'll be facile with things by the end of this brief introduction.

1. Create an account

Anyone can read Wiki Journal Club, but only members can contribute articles. And anyone with an email address can become a member; just follow this link:

Create an account

Check your inbox for a confirmation email from Wiki Journal Club, click the link provided in that email, and you're done!

2. Look at the default WJC format


Make sure to look at the Rubric to learn about our editorial standards.

Example Reviews

These examples give you an idea of the anatomy of an article entry. If you'd like some examples of what an article entry typically looks like when published, have a look at one of the following:

3. Choose an article to summarize

Choose an article from our High Priority list
Or choose your own article and enter the name below:

Protip: Make sure that we aren't already working on your summary of choice by searching for the last name of the first author in the Search Box in the top right part of the page.

4. Critically appraise, do not plagiarize

Wiki Journal Club article reviews critically appraise published journal articles. These critiques are intended to be your original material, not prose copied-and-pasted from the journal article or other sources. Please be sure that your reviews do not include copied content. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Examples of what to avoid:

  • Do not copy/paste the background from the journal article being reviewed into your Major Points section.
  • Do not copy/paste the criticisms of letters to the editor into your Criticisms section.
  • References should be in-line using our PMID shorthand (see below). Please do not copy/paste the list of references from the journal article into the Further Reading section of your review.

Examples of what is okay:

  • Please list the reported mean age from Table 1 into your Baseline Characteristics section.
  • Please present hazard ratios and the 95% confidence intervals from the main figure or table in your Outcomes section.

Need more help?

I need help with formatting

Press the Edit button on any article entry (for example, ASPIRE) and you'll be able to edit the page in the default MediaWiki editor. If you're interested in learning about the wiki formatting rules, check out the Wikipedia cheat sheet and Wikipedia markup rules.

Are there any other conventions I should be aware of?

Glad you asked. See WikiJournalClub:Conventions.

How do I add the reference to the top of a summary?

Don't worry about that! The editors-in-chief will add the header code. Please just copy and paste a link to the PubMed/Medline listing or the publishing journal's website for the article you're working on. You can leave it at the top or the bottom.

Is there an easy way to insert citations with links to PubMed?

Yes, with the default editor! All you need to do is put the PubMed ID (PMID) in some special code. The PMID is the 8 digit code at the end of a PubMed URL. Example:

Put the PMID into some brackets: <ref>{{#pmid:12345678}}</ref>

Hit save and a full reference will appear!

What is this about status of article summaries?

There are three different levels of article summaries. These are used by the editors-in-chief to keep track of the content on the website.

  1. Incomplete - An article summary is missing required sections from the standard format (see the Rubric section above)
  2. In Review - An article summary has all of the required sections but hasn't yet been checked for quality and accuracy by the editors-in-chief
  3. Published - An article summary has all of the required sections and has been confirmed for quality and accuracy by the editors-in-chief

I'm still confused about what should be in these reviews.

Make sure that you check out the Rubric!