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Thanks for joining WJC! This page is designed to be a quick overview of the project for those new to it.

Organizational Structure


  • Contributors - Users who have written ≥1 review and have brought it to a "reviewable" stage.
    • If you are interested in becoming a contributor, just bring one review to a "reviewable" status and update your user page with your name, associated institution, and degree or expected degree.
    • Contributors are listed on the About page for the website and also on the Journal Club app About screen.
  • Section editors - Users who are responsible for the content and quality of the reviews for a specific disease or subspecialty. Section editors maintain a priority list of reviews to add, improve the quality of the reviews on WJC, add content through engaging other users and personally adding reviews to their section, and actively monitoring new guidelines and content in their section.
  • Editors - Users who manage the quality and content of the entire project. Are responsible for changing the status of a summary (eg, reviewable or usable).

Review Statuses

These statuses are modified in the review's header and should only be changed by editors.

  • Incomplete - A review has been started but is missing necessary content.
  • Reviewable - A review has all required sections but has not yet been vetted by an editor.
  • Usable - A review has all required sections and has been vetted by an editor. Unless the editors do not think that the content is relevant to the general medical reader, the review will be included as content on the Journal Club apps. Usable reviews still need regular updating to reflect new trials and guidelines that have come out.


Choosing an Article to Review

  • Looking for inspiration? - Check out the the High Priority Articles list.
  • Already have one in mind?
    • Make sure that it isn't already on the website by browsing the lists for Incomplete, Reviewable, and Usable Articles.
    • Search for the colloquial name in the search bar, click on "Create the page (the name you searched for) on this wiki!"
    • Click on "Are you an advanced wiki user?" to autofill the default sections.

Editing a Review


This information helps organize the content of the website