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I'm Dave Iberri, one of the co-founders of Wiki Journal Club, along with my pal Tim Plante. I'm also a practicing hematologist and oncologist at Stanford University in California.

I've had a longstanding love for collaborative editing, and joined the ranks of Wikipedia administrators way back in 2004. My wiki experienced broadened when Tim and I met in medical school at UVM, where we learned to use some great wiki-based tools for medical education. Tim and I went our separate ways as interns, but during residency we were quickly reunited over a love of teaching clinical medicine and learning and sharing the medical literature. We jotted down notes during our reading of landmark clinical trials and decided to share them on the web, and viola! — Wiki Journal Club was born. Not too long after, we were joined by my pal Manny Lam, who'd had a similar idea, and the whole thing really took off.

I'm also a software developer and coded the iPhone and iPad version of Journal Club, which puts the entirety of WJC on your phone or tablet for quick referencing. You probably want to check that out and snag yourself a copy.


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